Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Seoul, South Korea

Well, Spencer and I have been here almost two weeks now. The first was quite a blur as it was filled with an intense work training. Now that that's over we've been busy looking at apartments, waiting at the immigration office, setting up bank accounts, and other equally fun stuff. Oh, did I mention we don't speak Korean. It's always more fun to do these types of things when you can hardly understand the bank teller and she can hardly understand you.

Sunday was our first day to ourselves and we tried to find the english speaking LDS ward, but didn't quite make it. Instead we rode the subway to the temple. At first we walked around in circles because there really aren't any street names/signs around here. Luckily we ran into some sister missionaries who pointed us in the right direction. Finding the temple, even though it was closed, was the highlight of my almost two weeks here. It is the one place where I know I can find comfort and a sense of familiarity when everything else here is new and foreign.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The Blue Mosque


Grand Bazaar

Aya Sofya

Topkapi Palace